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Our Engineering

SEA serve you all best engineering for total analysis system base on your satisfaction.

Many online analysis types are still needed about engineering (Design, integration and installation) whether the special design of the sampling system, parts, equipment and etc. Also during the installation stage, there are so many concern parameters that would effect to the analysis system as well. We are only one who could make the correction solution of analysis system base on knowledge and experience indeed.


The new trend of engineering for analysis system is based on how the customer could get benefits about professional behavior, quality control, manner and time frame. We would serve you the best rolls of engineering management by providing you ours experience engineering local partners such as Sysco, RJSS and etc. In case special or high-risk application, we could lead you to get a rugs and robust design by ours overseas partners according.

SEA would lead ours design by using suitable modern engineering software to ensure that our analysis system would give a turn back real best benefit, less downtime and highest reliability fit to the customer’s budgetary.

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